Efamous is a platform designed to promote and encourage Nigerian personalities, organizations, professionals and entertainers of high-performance, high-trust culture that is open, honest and committed to excellence. Which in return motivates to the grassroots level.

It was launched on September 20, 2020.

The launching of efamous on 20th of September 2020
Participants and members toasting on that memorable day
Festa Ubah (Campaign Officer) and Ebuka Stanley Igwedinma (President)

The Launching which was held on 20th September, 2020
Agenda, anchored by KC Emeka AKA Celebox
1. Opening prayer
2. Introduction by members/guest…moderator (Mrs. Ubah Festa)
3. Introduction of the efmous by Miss Mary philip
4. Presentation by  by Mr. Ebuka Stanley Igwedinma
6. Rehreshment
7.Closing prayer