The first terrestrial television broadcast signals in Africa was first introduced in Nigeria on Saturday October 31, 1959 by the Western Nigeria Television Service (WNTS). In March 1962, Radio-Television Kaduna/Radio Kaduna Television (RKTV) was established. It was based in Kaduna and was operated by the Broadcasting Company of Northern Nigeria.

As time progresses, other television stations erupted included private stations. Today we are going to consider some of the outstanding television stations in Nigeria.

The NTA (Nigerian Television Authority), formerly known as Nigerian Television (NTV) is a Nigerian government-owned television network, one of the biggest in Africa. It was inaugurated in 1977, the network began with a takeover of regional television stations in 1976 by the then Nigerian military authorities, and is widely viewed as the authentic voice of the Nigerian government. NTA’s monopoly was broken in the 1990s.

Channels Television

Channels Television, established in 1992, one of the top independent and private television stations in Nigeria founded by Nigerian veteran broadcasters and business moguls: John Momoh and Sola Momoh. The Company commenced operations in Lagos, south western Nigeria and has since grown to include three other Stations in Abuja, Edo and Kano states.

AIT (African Independent Television)

AIT is a subsidiary of DAAR Communincations PLC. DAAR Communication PLC is the foremost independence  Broadcast Organization in the Federal Republic of Nigeria piomeering private/independence broadcasting with the establishment of RayPower 100.5FM, AIT and indegenous station FAAJI FM.